ChewyCyl GBC
Bill Vogt Tribute Model

Bill, who we knew on the Spudtech forums as the moderator Chewy, was my pneumatic mentor, and if it wasn't for his advice I would never have built the CylBolt as you see it. His passing due to lung cancer was a painful blow, as I lost more than a source of wisdom; I lost a friend. This cannon was built in the days following his death, and it embodies all that was Chewy.

Bill, this spuds for you.

The color scheme mimics the Burlington Northern locomotive found here.


Left side view, showing the pressure gauge/air controls and custom made 3-point sling.


Shot of the pressure gauges, which comfortably rest on your hip when firing. Note the male quick disconnect fitting between the green PVC tee and the pressure regulator. The air compressor is attached here.

Close-up of the pneumatic cylinder loading mechanism. The cylinder is a 4" stroke, spring-return model, operating at 20 psi.


Holding the cannon. Without using my hands, I can keep the cannon in a stable upright position due to the three-point sling.

You may wonder why I didn't put a magazine on this cannon. I chose to make it an open-breech design so that I could use stabilized golfballs which had a long golf tee attached. This extra "tail" helps align the golfball into a more accurate, arc-like flight.

Bill was a huge influence who helped me get into pneumatics. I can't thank him enough, but I can attempt to honor him with this tribute.