Clear Chambered, Inline Vortex, Airsoft BBMG

This BBMG is a slightly more improved version of the InlineVortex, with a very nice aluminum inner barrel, a copper outer barrel, a feed ramp to improve BB feeding, and obviously, a clear chamber. During test firing the gun fired ~40 rounds per second at ~250 feet per second. With a magazine capacity of 1500 rounds, its pretty impressive, and quite accurate with the metal barrel. From a turret mount it should serve well as a base defense weapon. A portable version would be quite impressive, perhaps as an airsoft "flame-thrower."

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The above pictures show the newly attached spade grips and air system.


These pictures show the very basic mount, which can be adjusted for height. Also remember that the U-shaped cradle attached to the front of the gun does pivot, so the gun can fire in any direction.

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