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That's right. It's a belt-fed automatic pneumatic spudgun :)
Oh, and even though the angle of the picture makes the feed tray look slanted, it is in fact flat.

Lots of pictures Here

Video 1 Here

Very poorly done MS paint diagram of the major components of the cannon (as well as a badly drawn version of the 1.3 air system) Here

While it took a few weeks to actually build, I’ve been thinking about building this cannon for years. Even though I’ll still end up rebuilding and modding it countless times, I figure I ought to release the unpainted, very ghetto version now. I intend on painting it, which is why 1) most parts and already sanded with 220 grit paper 2) there are sharpie marks on parts that clearly do not look professional

The belt is made from 1.5” Sch40 and 2” Sch80 rings and is linked by #65 sash chain and ¾” length 8-32 machine screws and bolts. Technically it could be of an infinite length, but for cost and time reasons I only made 5 cartridges. Each cartridge is 4” long and the Sch80 spacers are (from front to back) .5”, 1.1”, .5”, and .25” thick each.

The receiver is made primarily from 1.5” Sch40 and 2” Sch80 pipe as well as .5” sheet PVC ordered from McMaster Carr. The belt advancing arm that sticks up from the bottom of the feed plate is made from .5” PVC and hinges on a clevis pin. Because of the attached extension spring and its shape, the arm hinges in one direction only and will return to its original position when the cylinder returns it to closed. All electronics are concealed in that 2" Sch40 running parallel to the chamber.