CylBolt GolfBall Pneumatic

Alright, a lot has changed since I first posted those preview pictures and small vids. The tees holding the cylinder were shortened to 1/2", to help the op-rod move more smoothly. After corresponding with Chewy, I learned that the particular valve I have does NOT have to be filled from the pilot (I thought it did, since Boogieman's golf ball pneumatic did, and his uses the same valve). Therefore, the air system was changed, and a blowgun, instead of that 3-way, now fires the cannon. As you can tell, the cannon is nicely painted OD green and super flat black, for the "military" look. The chamber is 3" diameter, and the barrel is 1.5" sdr21 inside 2" sch40.


Closeup of the valve assembly


Side view of the bolt action assembly


Average ROF is around 20 bpm. Since the mag only holds 20 rounds, that works out quite nicely. When using a good compressor, the chamber will reload very quickly, so the limiting factor is the user's ability to manipulate the bolt. Of course, there are ways to easily make this a one-touch semi-auto, but the cylinder bolt is so much cooler! Oh, and one more update is on the way, as soon as I can get some nice vid clips of it firing!

--UPDATE(1-8-04): Got three small clips! No sound, but you dont need it!

----Overview of launcher, shows bolt cycle once
----Closeup of the breech end, firing 3 shots as fast as I can
----View of bb-trap covered with towels, getting shot once at 40psi