A simple, powerful, and cleanly-constructed mini

The PocketPacketPneumatic (PPP, or P3) is a simple pneumatic that is named for its small size (Not even 2' long) and ammunition of choice (ketchup packets!). Don't let the size fool you, this baby is POWERFUL! The barrel is about 18 inches of 3/4" sch40, and the chamber is one foot of 2" sch80 (why not?).

The most fun ammo is fire sauce packets from Taco Bell. Shoot one into a wall, and it atomizes the hot sauce, making it virtually impossible to approach the wall without catching a face full of peppery mist!

From the right hand side:

From the left:

And a close-up of the IPLA sticker (one of 12 I have) :

Quite a fun little launcher. It pumps up to 80psi quite quickly, and delivers a very nice punch.