Spread the spud-chucking fun

For 2008's Christmas, I thought I'd try to convert a few more people to the spudgun community and benefit from the spirit of giving by throwing together a few smaller-sized combustion guns and giving them to my family and friends. They were a tremendous success, and before I knew it, I was getting calls from other friends and family of those who I gave the original cannons, all asking for help making their own cannons. Of course, I'm always more than happy to oblige.

These cannons are perfectly sized for the novice spudgunner. They easily fit in a closet or trunk, are much more afforable to make, and are still quite powerful as well as loud.

The cannon is about 3.5 feet long, with about a 1 foot long chamber (3" diameter) and 2.5 foot long barrel (1.5" diameter).

The cannon igniter (right picture) is a flint-type lantern lighter, meaning one flicks the wheel to shower sparks inside the chamber, igniting the fuel.

The "just finished" pictures of two cannons I gave away. Sorry for the low quality; cell phone cameras aren't that great!

An Xmas cannon next to one of its "bigger brothers"

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