Mark III.i - Commando, improved

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Just as the Commando before it, this BBMG is a commissioned piece for use primarily in close-quarters room clearing, with the possibility of quickly upgrading to a longer barrel length for medium-distance support roles. Accordingly, the stats for muzzle velocity and FPS/RPS are nearly identical to the original Mark III, with a magazine capacity around 2000 rounds, a 10" barrel, and a built-in adjustable hopup mechanism for longer range shooting. However, several improvements to the original Mark III warrant a designation as a distinct 'improved' model. Overall the gun is more solidly built, with a much more robust 2 point attachment between the trigger group and the chamber. The Vortex Block and Hopup Unit are machined from one solid piece of PVC rod for increased durability over the two part system used in the Mark II.

Rails for mounting lights/lasers, vertical grips, and optics have been directly attached to the perforated outer barrel assembly as well. The Tromix-esque "meat tenderizer" again adds a bit of flashiness to the muzzle; it's also surprisingly sharp for being made from PVC pipe, as several cuts to my fingertips and knuckles can attest.

The most drastic change, however, was the redesign of the stock to facilitate faster loading without increasing overall length. Whereas the Mark III had an AR-15 buffer spring as the only link between the rear of the stock and the plunger head, the Mark III.i has added a 1/4" steel rod as a support and guide rod down the middle of the spring. This rod keeps the spring from flopping around when trying to reload, and fits into a corresponding piece of brass tubing centered in the chamber.

Reloading is as easy as popping the cam locks, removing the stock, dumping ammo into the rear of the chamber until ~1" from the top, then inserting the guide rod into the brass tube and pushing the stock back into place. The cross-section diagram below should help you understand it:

More pictures (and hopefully a video or two!) will be coming soon

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